Three Kings Belgian-Style Tripel

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Three kings belgian-style tripel

Belgian tripel

What the  Brewery has to say: As dangerously deceptive as its bike trail namesake, this spicy, strong, Abbey ale is fit for a king. And the rest of us. A pale, somewhat spicy, dry, strong Abbey ale with pleasant rounded malt flavour and firm bitterness. Quite aromatic with fruity and light alcohol notes combining with the supportive clean malt character. High alcohol, yet approacahble to many a palate.

Dane Nichol

The BARON's Notes

Three Kings comes bearing gifts, but you'll find no gold, frankincense, or myrrh here - just a great Abbey ale-inspired Belgian tripel. It pours a hazy deep golden colour befitting a king's crown, with a white pillowing foam head. There's a hint of alcohol on the nose with some spice and fruity aromas. It's smooth and creamy with a dry finish and some of that boozy note shining through. There's some spice on the flavour as well, but also some dried fruit character like sultana raisins and golden plums.

Suggested Food Pairings: triple cream brie cheese, creme brulee

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