Swan Song Kviek NEPA

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What the  Brewery has to say: Our Swan Song Kviek NEPA is both Town Square's and Drew's first foray into using this highly popular yeast. A hugely flavourful, very hazy NEPA Swan Song boasts big tangerine flavours and aromas from the Kviek yeast, alongside pineapple and tropical fruit flavours and aromas from the hops. We think this beer does service to the style, and is the perfect beer for Drew to end his tenure with us!

Dane Nichol

The BARON's Notes

So it's come to this: Drew Sinden's swan song at Town Square Brewing; appropriately named Swan Song. This beer pours a very hazy golden sunshine colour with a thick, white head. There's quite a lot of tropical fruit aroma on this beer and it's accompanied by those tropical fruit flavours as well. Moderately carbonated and very full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, it finishes quite dry. It makes for a refreshing beverage with all of those great fruit flavours. Thank you Mr. Sinden for all the great beers, all considered, this is a pretty fine beverage to go out on. Those folks in BC have no idea what's coming. Cheers!

Suggested Food Pairings: grilled pineapple, pineapple on a burger

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