What the heck is ABX?


What the heck is


The Alberta Beer Exchange (aka “ABX”) is a new generation growler bar! We sell mainly Alberta-based handcrafted beer in DOUBLE-WALL, STAINLESS-STEEL growlers that will keep your beer COLD. Enjoy your beer the way Brew Masters wanted you to – KEG FRESH!
ABX growlers

Beer Enemy Killers

These things are Beer Enemy Killers – no heat exposure, no oxygen exposure, and no light penetration (no skunky beer here!).
We pre-fill our growlers with our latest line up of rotating beers so you can come in and quickly EXCHANGE your empty growler for a fresh one. No need to wash your empty growlers, we take care of that, removing any sign of contamination that will mess with the next pour. You just pay a one-time growler deposit on your first visit, which is fully refundable (as long as you don’t run it over or try to launch it to the moon) and the next time you come in, you just swap it out for a full one and just pay for the beer. It’s that simple.
No line ups, no foamy kegs, no empty kegs. And your unopened growler will stay fresh for weeks in the fridge until you’re ready to drink it. But we suspect you’ll want to drink your delicious beer sooner than that!

The ABX difference


Our double-wall, stainless steel growlers block out all light, keep your beer cold, and are filled in an oxygen-free environment. The first time an ABX growler is opened is the first time your beer comes in contact with any of the three beer enemies, ensuring you get the freshest beer possible. 

ABX growlers are durable and unbreakable! Having a growler made from stainless steel means you can take them anywhere. They’re perfect to take to the beach, on a hike, to the hill, or wherever life takes you. If you drop your ABX growler, it doesn’t break. Best of all, ABX growlers keep your beer cold for a very long time, without refrigeration! No need to compete for fridge space at your next party or carry around cumbersome coolers.

Growler ABX

The growler exchange is new to Alberta
(and possibly to North America!)

A typical visit to a growler bar can be a huge time waster waiting in line to have your growler filled. Not at ABX! Our growlers are pre-filled. This means customers only need to drop off an empty growler and select a full growler topped up with the beer of their choice. No more empty or foamy kegs stopping beer lovers from getting the beer they want, when they want it!

ABX has Education Stations.

That’s right; when you come in, you can either head to the Express Exchange counter to make it quick or you can hang out, sample some of the beers available, and learn about them at our Education Stations. We will give you the full scoop on what’s up with the beer, who made it, and where it came from – which we feel is really important for understanding the complexity of craft beers.

The ABX Promise: No line-ups, no foamy kegs, no empty kegs.


There is always something happening at ABX. Check out this featured event you may like.


There is always something happening at ABX. Check out this featured event you may like.