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Corey Baier & Akosha Baier

Corey spent nearly two decades working with multi-national oil and gas service companies and has been exposed to all aspects of the business life cycle. After spending those two decades in the corporate world, Corey realized that the true value of business lies in building more personal relationships with colleagues and working for a company that values their employees.

Akosha is an accounting guru, discovering her love of numbers way back in 1995. Over the years, Akosha has helped numerous other businesses clean up their accounting messes and turn them into well-oiled corporate machines. After many years of Akosha providing this valuable service to other companies, she is laser-focused on building her own successful company.

ABX Akosha BAier

Beer Director

Dane Nichol

Dane has been working with beer since 2012 in every capacity imaginable – at liquor stores, at macro, micro, and nano breweries, and even dabbles in home brewing. Dane is University of Waterloo graduate and Prud’homme Certified Beer Sommelier. He hails from Ontario where he also spent many years in sports radio broadcasting, as well as commentating live hockey games.
Dane knows beer and spends more time than he probably should studying craft beers and visiting breweries throughout the province. He is the Beer Director (some might say Beer Baron) of ABX and will ensure we are offering the best that Alberta has to offer along with tasting notes, food pairings, and bringing the knowledge of the People’s Beer to the People.

how ABX came to be

“They looked to what they love (craft beer, snowboarding, the great outdoors) for a brilliant idea and created The Alberta Beer Exchange… ”

This is how ABX came to be. Both Corey and Akosha are striving to build a business where employees love to work and where customers enjoy doing business. It was also important to them to give back to the community by supporting other local businesses and by respecting the environment.

They looked to what they love (craft beer, snowboarding, the great outdoors) for a brilliant idea and created The Alberta Beer Exchange…a place where beer-lovers can immerse themselves in the craft brew world and have access to the most keg-fresh beer available outside of the brewery.

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In their spare time, you can find the Baiers out on their snowboards somewhere in the mountains…likely with a couple of ABX growlers in tow…visiting a brewery somewhere in Alberta in search of the next best craft brew, or studying to earn their Advanced/Master Cicerone® Certifications.

Together, they look forward to sharing the entire ABXperience with you!

  • Alberta Beer Exchange Corey & Akosha Baier
  • Alberta Beer Exchange Corey & Akosha Baier